What we do

Bio Medical Technology

Bio Medical Innovation

Projects and Tools that will allow us not only to heal disease, but to predict it and prevent it. This is more than just a innovation in science and health care—it’s a revolution in the human condition.

 - Digital Twin.
 - Precision Medicine.
 - Regenerative Medicine.

Enviroment: Health and Safety

Our Projects are interrelated with construction health and safety
issues as unhealthy and unsafe practices, uncontrolled sanitation that impact negatively on the environment.

 - Pest Detection.
 - Microbiology.
 - Pollution.
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Animal Hausbandry

Animal husbandry has a significant impact on the world environment. It is responsible for somewhere between 20 and 33% of the fresh water usage in the world, and livestock, and the production of feed for them, occupy about a third of the earth’s ice-free land.

 - Genetics and Genomics.
 - Food Production Strategy.
 - Livestocks dynamics.


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